6-19-15 I am your firm foundation

joshua 1 5

Today’s message from God talks again about how God has planned out our lives.  He asks that we hold his hand and let him walk us through the process.  That we don’t worry about each step as it comes along but enjoy it.  Let his spirit fill us and remember that he will never let […]

6-18-15 Focus

proverbs 16 9

Today’s message from God is focus on today and finding him in today’s needs and gifts.  Since he has our future planned out for us, we only need to ask him to help us through each day as it comes and enjoy that challenge and rewards along the way.  We worry about so many things […]

6-17-15 Remember to laugh


Today God reminds us that we need to laugh.  That as much as we love to hear our children or other children laugh, he loves to hear us laugh.  That we need to not take everything so seriously.  That laughter will help us to get through.  Doesn’t laughter help to make you feel better?  Don’t […]

6-16-15 Stay on the High Road

ephesians 2 10

God asks that we stay on the high road with him.  He asks that we understand that he has a different plan for each one of us.  We shouldn’t compare our roads with others.  We should just stay on our path and not make it any more important than anyone else’s.  We just need to […]

6-15-15 Approaching God

2 corinthians 4 18

Today’s God message tells us how to approach God.  He asks that we approach him in stillness and trust and he will strengthen us.  Don’t you process things more when you have silence and calm around you?  Can’t you concentrate better and understand better?  God asks that when we talk to him and ask him […]

6-14-15 Loved with everlasting love

jeremiah 31 3

Today’s message from God tells us how he created us.  How he saw us prior to us being born, how he chose us and gave us life and love.  That love that God gave us is ever lasting love and will never leave us.  So many people come and go in our lives, they touch […]

6-13-15 Bubbling Over

galatians 5 22

Today’s message from God is about how he lives through us.  God works through us by having his spirit live through us and having his work shown through us.  He was us to not take credit for his work but to keep his spirit alive in us by asking for his presence and to go […]

6-12-15 Help through the day

luke 1 79

Today God’s message is an important one.  He tells us we have two choices to get through our day.  One choice is to moan and groan and work through all the problems the day throws at us, going through the never ending day.  The other choice is to hold God’s hand, pray for his guidance […]

6-11-15 Struggling in your mind

romans 8 6

Today’s message is about struggling in your mind and how do I know all about that.  My mind is a constant struggle.  It is a difficult thing to deal with.  God asks that we don’t use our energy up with this struggle.  We need to trust him and sing his song.  Because we are human […]

6-10-15 Rest in the Lord

psalm 62 5

Today’s message from God reminds us that we plan out our lives too much.  We forget that God already has a plan for us.  All we really need to do is reach out and hold his hand throughout the day and he will guide us through.  Start your day with a prayer to God asking him […]